FAQ - frequently asked questions

Is a weighbridge necessary?

Weighbridge is the great advantage, but not necessity. In such a case, the weight is determined by the expert estimate of the collection yard operator. The scale can be installed to the system at any time.

How does who identification work?

Identification of the citizen takes place at the entrance to the collection yard using an ID card reader. The reader is integrated into the touch terminal, which, among other things, will allow citizens to check their account and display the transaction history. This information is displayed on the touch screen of the integrated tablet of the safyWASTE system.

What is the citizen account?

Each citizen has the opportunity to monitor the amount of waste that he has dropped off to the collection yard and has the opportunity to work with the group that connects household members on one descriptive number.

What if we have more collection yards in the village?

If there are several collection yards in the village, individual yards can be equipped with terminals that send data from all yards to a centralized web application. At the same time, large frequented yards can be served by multiple terminals with readers.

Are you interested in the price?

The price depends on the choice of the type of the hardware part of the system. An touch screen terminal can be used, which is recommended in conjunction with a weighbridge, or a durable tablet option can be chosen. License, system and implementation support depends on the size of the municipality and the number of citizens. The price also depends on the supplied and connected peripherals.

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